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Old 12 Dec 2015, 09:33
tonnyliautanto tonnyliautanto is offline
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Default Badminton sport is for gay

Badminton players should wear a dress for this 'gay' sport, City boss told his staff.

Badminton is a sport for “gays” according to the boss at a City firm accused of presiding over a “sexist, racist and homophobic culture”, an employment tribunal heard today.

Neil Campbell, a manager at brokerage company Tullet Prebon, allegedly told members of his Alternative Investments team who played the game that they should “get a dress” for the “gay and dainty” sport.

Former Tullet Prebon employee Kishore Kansal complained about the comments as part of a grievance procedure he had taken against Mr Campbell, his boss. Mr Kansal, 33, subsequently walked out of the company and was fired in absentia. He is seeking 1.5m in damages from the firm where he worked as a 130,000-a-year broker citing racial harassment and discrimination. The FTSE 250 company, together with six of Mr Kansal’s former colleagues, all deny the claim.

Paul Dunkley, one of seven heads of division at Tullet Prebon, told the tribunal he investigated Mr Kansal’s complaint and interviewed Mr Campbell over the comments which the latter said he “may have made”.

Paul Gilroy QC, representing Mr Kansal, asked whether the comments should have at least warranted Mr Campbell being invited to a disciplinary meeting. Mr Dunkley said he recommended Mr Campbell be sent on a diversity training course.

The court also heard a number of “grossly offensive” sexist and racist jokes that were circulated “on a regular basis” among Tullet Prebon staff and third parties. Mr Campbell forwarded some of the material to his personal email, the court heard.

Under cross-examination Mr Dunkley admitted the material was “racist” and “in very bad taste” and that he would have expected Mr Campbell to have deleted the emails.

The tribunal also heard an email from Tullet Prebon employee Maulik Patel headed “racist Bill strikes again”, a reference to similar material allegedly circulated by his colleague William Arnold, one of six individual respondents who have been named alongside the company in Mr Kansal’s claim.

Mr Patel wrote: “I can’t take this level of racism anymore. I’m going to have a word with HR about [Bill].”

Mr Gilroy told Mr Dunkley that after one younger team member, Kipp Elkington, told him during his investigation into Mr Kansal’s grievance claim that all the Alternative Investments team were “capable of racist, homophobic and sexist comments” the matter was “simply dropped”.

Quoting from the interview, Mr Gilroy said: “Neil Campbell is the head of the desk and the culture comes from him. If Kishore is attacking Neil Campbell he is attacking the culture of the desk’. Did that not ring alarm bells in your head?”

Mr Dunkley replied: “It did… that all of the desk was acting inappropriately. Neil should have stopped it.”

In his interview with Mr Dunkley, Mr Campbell described Mr Kansal as “not a team player” and that he did not mix socially as much as the rest of the team.

Mr Gilroy asked: “It’s a frequent factor or race discrimination cases that the person complaining of it is described [in this way]. Is this the first time you’ve heard that?”

Mr Dunkley said it was. The court heard further allegations that British Asian staff at Tullet Prebon were regularly referred to individually as “terrorist” and in a group as a “terror cell”. Mr Campbell is also alleged to have called a Chinese flatmate of Mr Elkington’s as “Mr Chow”, a reference to a character from the film The Hangover II.

Mr Dunkley was simultaneously conducting a separate investigation into Mr Kansal for alleged misuse of company data, the tribunal heard. He eventually sacked Mr Kansal in absentia for gross misconduct. Mr Gilroy questioned whether it was appropriate for Mr Dunkley to preside over both investigations, both of which were concluded in close proximity in January this year.

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk...f-9839474.html

Maybe we should let him sparring with us and let see what he's gonna say after it
Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up

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Old 12 Dec 2015, 10:11
zeus241129 zeus241129 is offline
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Totally agree ...

Most people, mainly western people always think that tennis is their major sport for any kind of sports based on raquets used.

It is understandable, because they have never tried Badminton before. Looks funny and silly since Badminton is chasing a small birdie made from goose feathers. Despite of that, this sport requires strategy, intense training and absolute fit stamina.
But, after they tried... they will love it. Mostly, they respect it

The prove, there are so many Badminton Clubs in major cities of USA like Los Angeles and Las Vegas whom the members so loyal to this sport.

It's a fun sport .. It's Badminton sport !!!
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Old 12 Dec 2015, 12:00
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Agung5343 Agung5343 is offline
Tepokbulu Addict
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I wanna smash his mouth
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Old 12 Dec 2015, 12:04
detailermart detailermart is offline
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shove the shuttlecocks in his ass and mouth
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Old 17 Jan 2016, 13:54
Dirge Ketut Dirge Ketut is offline
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Badminton is for all of people, badminton is very lovely sport for all
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Old 17 Jan 2016, 16:52
aldow82's Avatar
aldow82 aldow82 is offline
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This shuttle cock can run more than 400km/hr.. this is extreme sport for me.. it is fun sport..
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Old 18 Jan 2016, 08:47
deavin deavin is offline
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Default weird

such a weird comment, yet badminton is far from 'gay'. I'd tend to agree if someone says badminton is for badboy many woman said that. lol
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Old 18 Mar 2017, 23:52
Husseinmubaroq Husseinmubaroq is offline
Join Date: Mar 2017
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Another perspective from loony. Lol.
There's no connection between sport and orientation, in my opinion.
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Old 22 Mar 2017, 16:56
sagab sagab is offline
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Originally Posted by Husseinmubaroq View Post
Another perspective from loony. Lol.
There's no connection between sport and orientation, in my opinion.
i agree with you, it doesn't matter what sport you have choose because it can't define your sexual orientation
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