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Old 15 Jan 2016, 15:51
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Default Badminton resourece, drills, training, footwork, etc


Originally Posted by MSeeley View Post
You think that site contains EVERYTHING? I believe you are wrong. It is a great site. It does include a lot. But not everything.

I do not like to say it, but your responses to people on this thread have been quite rude. I imagine it wasn't intentional, but on the internet, its how it can come across sometimes.

To give you some pointers from where I have learnt the most:
Shot technique: badminton life do a couple of DVDs. One is called the "essentials of badminton technique" and contains how to do every basic shot (not trick shots), both straight and cross court.
(example video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1ui5GQOG4A)

The same site also does a great DVD called ultimate badminton athlete, which is a full professional level fitness regime for badminton players (developed by a guy who (at some point) was in charge of fitness in canada team)

The site you mentioned is good for lots of things and are constantly bringing out new material.

The Chen Wehua training series is very good for shot production:
(examples video)

The Zhao Jianhua & Xiao Jie training series is very good for random bits of advice about shots, grips, footwork and tactics:
first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw_S49Q8LCk
There is a version of these videos with english subtitles if you like that sort of thing.

The Jimmy Lin videos are quite good:
Footwork (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHE-...78E0C68066EA67)
Forehand (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNVC5PVJyPQ)
Backhand (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07XrnkvVSCU)

You have already been given the link to coaching-badminton and badminton bible. Badminton bible is great for theory, shot names, basic grips, footwork patterns etc. Coaching badminton has some good (and some not so good) instruction. Older videos are better from this site. In particular, there is a DVD called "play to win" by Lee Jae Bok which is quite good.

There is also bestoncourt. They have a great series of videos on basics through to advanced techniques, and have some great routines for how to improve as an advanced player e.g. suggestions for drills to do in practice to develop singles defence etc etc.
Here is a link:

You have already been pointed to the bwf channel for their coaching advice. I find their advice quite basic and inferior to other sources for many things, but they have some good videos on tactics.

There is also the badminton england instructional series. Here is an example video:
This source is fine but not very detailed.

The links I have provided are a starting point. If I can think of the numerous other sources I have seen, I will post them.

Good luck to you.

p.s. if you are looking for workout programs to follow etc. that include all the training regimes (hitting and physical) for badminton players, I have never seen such a resource. Please let me and everyone else know if you find a good one in your travels.
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Old 22 Mar 2017, 18:12
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Old 12 Feb 2018, 14:50
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siip mantap banget isi dari artikelnya gan
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